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Professional Grade. Effortless Adjustment.
Clean look. Clear play.
Dominator Basketball Hoop.
Rainbow Play Systems brings a professional edge to your home basketball court with the DOMINATOR basketball hoop.
This revolutionary in-ground basketball system is constructed of heavy duty professional-grade materials and features our Clear Play™ backboard.
The DOMINATOR's massive, single extension pole attaches at the base of the clear, heavy-duty tempered glass backboard directly behind the basketball hoop. This provides and unobstructed view from any angle on your basketball court and makes the DOMINATOR basketball hoop the only Clear Play™ option in the industry.
The DOMINATOR series is just right for basketball fans of all ages with an internal adjustment mechanism for raising and lowering
the basketball hoop rim height from 7' to 10'.
Rainbow DominatorMonster Dominator
Features: 60"x36"x3/8" glass backboard w/2"x2" steel reinforced backboard frame. 3' overhand at 10' height. 5"x7"x3/16" structural steel main pole. 4"x6"x3/16" structural steel extension arm. official heavy duty flex coil schutt bully rim w/150 gram net.
Optional Features: full length 2" foam pad. backboard edge pad.
Features: 72"x42"x3/8" glass backboard w/2"x2" steel reinforced backboard frame. 4' overhang at 10' height. 8" square x 3/16" structural steel main pole. 7" square x 3/16" structural steel extension arm. heavy duty flex coil schutt bully sr. rim w/150 gram net. custom fit full length 3" foam pad & backboard edge pad.

Now on display at our Tigard location!
Please visit the official Rainbow Dominator website for more information.


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